Raphael Lab

We are a research group in the Computer Science Department and Center for Computational Molecular Biology at Brown University. Our research is focused on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Current research interests include next-generation DNA sequencing, structural variation, genome rearrangements in cancer and evolution, and network analysis of somatic mutations in cancer. Earlier research included topics in comparative genomics, multiple sequence alignment, and motif finding.

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Raphael Lab
Box 1910, Computer Science Department
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Email: braphael AT cs DOT brown DOT edu
Voice: 401-863-7643
Fax: 401-863-7657


There are currently openings in the group for outstanding postdoctoral fellows, staff programmers, graduate students or undergraduate students.

We are recruiting undergraduate research assistants (URAs). Please see our URA Program Page for more information.

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Latest news

April 6, 2015

Raphael Lab on the move! Current Ph.D. student Layla Oesper and lab alums Anna Ritz and Crystal Valentine will start faculty positions in Fall 2015. Congratulations!

March 31, 2015

Gryte Satas receives an Honorable Mention in the NSF Graduate Fellowship competition. Congratulations, Gryte!

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